FAQ's & Information 

It's exciting purchasing a new toy, or even your very first toy. With so many different options to choose from. With the market full of toys that bend, vibrate, that are squishy, or stiff, to enhancements and couples toys, there really is something for everyone.  

Will my toy come in discrete packaging? 
Yes! We will always send your items to you in very discrete packaging. 

Do I need to clean my toy? 
Yes! It is very important to maintain cleanliness of any toy before and after usage. To clean your toy use warm water with mild fragrance-free soap. 

How do I use my toy? 
Once receiving your item/s please make sure to read the instructions on how to appropriately use it. Only use the toy as it was intended and pay attention to any storage guidelines, too. 

Should I use lube on my toy?
Yes! Lube is your best friend, it is designed to assist you and using the right lube will make your experience with sex toys much more pleasurable and comfortable. 

How do I know what lube to use? 
There are two types of lubes, water based lubricant and silicon based lubricant. Using the information below will help you decide which is the best lubricant to use for yourself. 

Water Based Lubricant: